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Did You Know...

98% of your visitors, when they leave will never return :(

It's not because of you and it's not because of your site, and it's not because of your product... it's just the statistics.

So when you work so hard to get somebody to click through and come to your website,
you absolutely have to make sure that you have state-of-the-art technology in place to capture them and that's where our LEAD GEN PROFITS ADD-ON comes in.

This is the best lead generation software on the planet. In my opinion it's more than just building your list. You can design and deploy again without any knowledge of coding. You have advanced targeting, you have A/B testing, you have actionable reports and insights.

Most of the other tools on the planet they do not have that and if they do, they want hundreds of dollars a month. You can build every type of opt-in form, capture page and exit pop-up.

You can target opt-in forms with surgical precision, discover detailed stats and reports, and of course, these are all designed with conversion in mind and are all mobile optimized.

Claim this all-in one email list building tool.
Create and freely design every type of opt-in form, run A/B tests
 and grow your list faster than ever before.

What Do You get with LEADS PROFITS

Keep On Reading....

Not only can you get this awesome Lead Generation Software, 
we will install it and integrate it into your Profit Center System Website.

No technical mumbo-jumbo, it will be ready to rock and roll.

  • We will provide 5 Free Gifts which you will give away by sharing your Capture Pages
  • We will install these 5 already designed Capture Pages and their corresponding 5 Thank You Pages (also known as Access Pages)
  • These Thank You Pages will already include the download links to the Free Gifts, so you do not need to bother sending the access to your visitors who signed up on your Capture Pages.
  • We will also integrate your autoresponder so when they sign up with their email it goes directly to your autoresponder. We highly recommend Aweber or Getresponse as these are the best players in the market with very high email deliverability and we use these ourselves for our own list building) 

    Any other company would charge hundreds of dollars just to build an entire capture page, to provide the free gift and thank-you page and to integrate it with an autoresponder.

    And as always we got two wicked bonuses for you

    Go through this training for yourself. It also comes with what's called private label rights, meaning you can also install these training videos on your website and sell.

    This is a series of video tutorials guiding you on how perform email marketing in a tactful and effective way.

    1. How To Create A Broadcast (GetResponse)
    2. How To Create An Autoresponder(GetResponse)
    3. How To Create A NewsLetter(Aweber)
    4. How To Create A Follow U Series(Aweber)
    5. How To Write A Welcome Email
    6. How To Write A Scarcity Email
    7. How To Write A Promo Email
    8. How To Write A Reminder Email
    9. How To Write A Last Call Email
    10. How To Write A Content Email
    11. How To Write Your Subject Line
    12. How To Set Automation Rule For Aweber
    13. How To Set Automation Rule For Getresponse

    To make sure you have some quality education now that you have a system all set up to collect leads you can better understand that process so you can turn those leads into some cash.

    1. How To Create n Exit Popup
    2. How To Create A Hover Popup
    3. How To Build Your Squeeze Page
    4. How To Configure Your Signup Form(Aweber)
    5. How To Configure Opt-In Webform (GetResponse)
    6. How To Create and Configure (Aweber)
    7. How To Create and Configure (GetResponse)
    8. How To Insert Call To Action in YouTube Videos
    9. How To Run an AD Campaign in YouTube
    10. How To Run an AD Campaign in Facebook
    11. How To Target your AD Campaign with Adwords
    12. How To Sign Up for an Adwords Account
    13. How To Create a Custom Thank You Page

    14. How To Create a List on Aweber
    15. How To Create a Campaign in Getresponse
    16. How To remove unresponsive leads in Aweber
    17. How To remove unresponsive leads in Getresponse
    18. How To conduct your split test
    19. How To track your conversion rate
    20. How To create a successful affiliate invitation page

Regular Price  
$60 Per Page
- Installation of Lead Generation Plugin
-5 Capture Pages  Setup with 5 Free Gifts
-5 Access Pages Setup
- Autoresponder Integration
And Get the Following Bonuses
Email How To Videos
List Building Videos