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What if we installed a Ready-To-Go Home Page

On your Profit Center System that matches your marketing needs

Okay awesome!

We're going to set up your website and then turn it over to you so you can create something special.

But I just want you to think about something for a moment because I don't know if you are like me, but the very first time I went to do anything with a homepage, I had so many questions in my mind.

It was just paralyzing me right to the ground, "What color should I put? What should I offer on it?, Should I put my picture or not?, What should I say?"

I've been saying all along that the most important part of a website is to sell and your home page is going to be the highest traffic page on your site.

So what should you put on it? How should you set it up so that it captures leads in two or three or four subtle ways on one page without being 'salesy' or pushy.

What I'm gonna recommend is that for a one time small fee we upload this premium template for you (as shown below).

Then all you need to do is provide us with your info, on a simple form which we will send you when you claim this ADD-ON. Send us a nice picture and we will customize the entire page for you.

And, if you are an Affiliate Partner with us, we will add your affiliate link (on the free gift button).

Let me put this into perspective, when you pay a designer to build your website, about 80% of the entire work of the price f(100s of dollars) that you would pay the designer goes into the home page. They may create a very nice-looking page, but you need your page to sell or generate leads.

It needs to look professional, yes ,but it's first and foremost function is to capture leads and to sell. If for any reason you're thinking, I'm not sure how to do that,
then take us up on this one time offer so we can get you off on the right foot.

Here's what your home page can look like 

(you can fully customize the colors and format yourself anytime too)

Regular Price  
$100 Per Page
- Uploading the homepage template
-Launching your home page
- Customizing Your Entire Home Page